Living & Legacy

Last spring my Dad, a decorated athlete, coach & avid track & field fan, surprised our boys at their District track meet.  

(Yes, Mom came, too.)


It was quite a day for all of us.  

Our eldest ran one of his races 

in pouring rain… Mom & I took cover 

in the car, but my Dad & younger son 

got drenched cheering him on.


Both boys advanced to Regionals that day, 
but they also witnessed a side of 

their already fun-loving, truth-telling 

Grandpa T. … an emerging – coming alive.


He’s shared his love for these young men from afar for several years due to living over 1,000 miles apart.  


He’s shared his love for athletics & the training process as long as any of us can remember.  

But, that day… these two loves 

converged on a rainy SWFL track.  

 – Pride & Joy Personified –


And none of us will ever be the same.
Living & Legacy.

(Thanks to fb for sharing these 

timely memories this week.)
#trackandfield #ustrackandfield #gothedistance #stepbystep



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