{screen door squeak} …

{slip off your shoes} …

{pour a sip & nestle in…}

Do you remember salty foreheads and  Kool-Aid stained lips?  How about free-play recess where the winners of Kick’n Catch in the sunny months vied for standing position as King on the Hill in the snowy months – ya know, after the snow plowed into the most majestic mound?  Did you adventure high bluffs or wide open spaces pretending to be Lewis and Clark?

Somehow, the thrill of the present fades far too quickly.  And the future… beckons with clamoring uncertainty.  And the past… a far-too-quickly fading echo.

I invite you in… to join me as I reflect, savor, and anticipate.

Grace, bounty, grit, buoyancy, jazz, bites, barren, delicate, and hardy … always pouring out to quench another thirsty soul.

Dawn to dusk … daring to dance in the day-to-day contagion … harvesting fresh delight of the deepest, rooting-ist, contagious kind.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your blog, I enjoy reading it. I share your sentiment regarding the dismal state of our education system. I send my own kids to a Sudbury school, because I feel like it is the only real alitanrteve to a system that no longer delivers young people into the world prepared to be and do what will be asked of them.


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