… possibilities & progress …

… don’t you love entering

that 3rd week of January?

I remember my high school varsity

dance coachtelling our team it only took

three weeks to form habits.

We’d dream, strategize & then press hard

for three weeks.

And in her wisdom, she often reminded us

how much progress we were making

in three week increments.

We’d dream, strategize & press in…

again & again.

So, yes, we’re here -still daring to dance –

the third week of January 2018…

a time to check in & see… if those

New Year’s Resolves are rooting

into healthy sustainable habits while

not becoming forgotten aims or rigorous ruts.

One of the lessons I’ve learned

during down time (like this last year &

all those weeks on bedrest with babies)

is how easily I can rut into routine.

Don’t get me wrong…

I still love me a hard core skeleton schedule

from which I operate most days… but,

I must remain fluid to daily flexibility,

changing seasons & expanding opportunities.

Just as I’m gaining physical strength

from last year’s health hurdle,

my husband’s working hours

have significantly shifted into overdrive.

So, while I miss our more consistent conversation

& connection, my days are presently

filled with sustaining resolve in several

specific areas, including simplifying &

strategizing my own next steps

with my students, my projects,

my community … my ability to-do

is almost back to pre-pain & surgery status …

I’m so very thankful

for this third week of January

to see strength building,

visions clearing

& fresh habits honing.

And I’m thankful for the sun’s bookend reminder

… to pause …

… to consider the possibilities

at dawn & the progress at dusk…

just like that third week in January, right?

•Where’s your resolve this week?•

#newyearsresolution #january #mondaymotivation


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