Advent:  Capacity & Cadence

He establishes Eternity.

   He authors the past.

   He enfolds the future.

He is Present.

Throughout the Scriptures, we see history (HIStory) is important to God.
  Out of Eternity… He created time. He set rhythms & rhymes in order… look at Creation’s cadence.

Fires & rain.

Dawns & dusks.

Tides & turbulence.

In Deuteronomy, we see the instructions to remember

 & the remembering …

festivals, feasts, & forgiveness

woven throughout daily lives threaded over years…

reminding each human during their appointed time

that He surpasses all human limitations –

yes, He is …

… the Messiah Emmanuel.

In Hebrews, we remember the faithful who’ve gone before.

Throughout Scripture, we see genealogies – family maps to remember…

particularly, we see God’s chosen genealogy for Jesus to descend through…

Through the fragmented & flawed threads, we see pure Grace & Mercy take on skin…

to Emmanuel among us, 

to gather us, to redeem us, 

to chisel & shine Himself through us.

All this is done in a dance transcending time, cultures, fashions, whims.


Why celebrate Advent?  Why study history?  Church history, particularly?

He was… is… is to come.

Holy. Holy. Holy.

We need Him. He chooses to embrace us- His Bride among humanity.


We are to live this … enraptured…
trusting His faithful embrace…

Based on what He’s given us through generations & expects us to extend to generations.

The Gospel.
.. the Good news…

the Promised Messiah is Emmanuel.

We remember…

to celebrate

to rest

to savor

to share

to remind

to encourage

to be weak to be strong 

to endure

to anticipate

to prepare

to celebrate … again & again…

to live & extend Hope.

written by Heidi L. Paulec

Again, grateful for IF:Equip ANNO DOMINI study that stirred these Advent-ing, remembering writings.


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