glimpsing glory & grace

Anyone else feeling the rumblings of uncertain times?
My family is facing, enduring, battling some interesting … endeavors, we’ll say… 

Our eldest leaves for college soon,  both our showers are no longer functioning …etc. (not to mention car issues & our 20th anniversary next week) oh, AND I just got called for jury duty.

The truth is we’re not the only ones feeling the rumbling of challenging times. As I was walking yesterday afternoon & calling out to Jesus, I stooped down to snap a photo or two… And a prayer rose up.

We need to help each other see glimpses of our Glorious God all around & in us every day.  

Sometimes weariness weighs us down, but these are wonderful times to reach out. Like Jesus in John 4 with the woman at the well. Scripture tells us, He was weary from the journey. He asked her, the Samaritan woman to draw water for Him. And a beautiful conversation ensued… Living Water.

My pride never wants to admit weariness; yet, how brilliant He connects us with Himself through our vulnerability & His gracious embrace.

And… for the days I only see a glimpse … I pray for eyes to see His Glory  & be an extension of His Grace…


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