so simple, really

written October 27, 2011  by Heidi L. Paulec

Recently,  a favorite, familiar summer past-time broke through the over-bold plastics of the present to reveal a simple, organic experience.

A friend, who grew up in communist Cuba, shared one of his simple childhood pleasures.  First, find a thriving papaya plant.  Next, remove one of the large leaves with the petiole attached.  Tear off the leaf end, so all that remains is the straw portion of  petiole.  Finally, dip into your favorite sudd-zy solution, and begin the bubble fun similar to glass-blowing.
Upon receiving these instructions, I observed two primary school girls grasp the papaya branches and proceed to follow his instructions.  Intently, they dabbed into the soap.  One carefully exhaled down the tube while the other emptied her lungs with gusto.
 Slowly, each little lady figured out the pace and rhythm required to create a bubble.  One continued to blow bubbles like playing a flute while dancing.    One stood still.  Both focused and free.
One commented, “You can’t make a lot of bubbles this way, but you can make really big bubbles.”  She’s right.  The more familiar plastic variety makes allowances for many berry-sized bubbles.  The enjoyment seems to come in the darting dance of them as the breeze leads them along, as they burst in a clap, or as they are chased by a dog.  However, this earthly-straw-bubble method exhales delight in the process as well as the product.
The steady breath creates.  The brazen destroys.  Adjustments.  Focus.  Breath.  Bubble.
Grapefruit sized bubbles.  Cantaloupe sized bubbles.  What?  Watermelon sized bubbles?
The rainbow glaze is inflated.  These don’t flitter away; they wobble, warble, and shower-splat.
 Pause.  Ponder.  When I find myself prancing in comparisons, I often recognize what most disrupts or disappoints me.  However, when I venture into the experience like little ladies blowing bubbles through a papaya petiole with energy, flexibility, focus and creativity, the different can open up picnic possibilities.
The instinctive practice of a child ~ nestling into the present.  Accepting the nourishment of now with unfiltered wonder.    Adjustments.  Focus.  Breath.  Bubble.  Delight.
So simple, really~
Huge thanks to Roger, Jade, and Mia for reminding me.

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