Present Strokes

So, don’t laugh… I’m so excited…

My husband came home from the grocery store with a 1943 nickel.  

🔹Why does this stir delight in me?

Do I love 1943?

Am I coin collector?

Is it because it is worth $2.00 due to actual silver contents?
Although I am not a coin collector, this is indeed worth $2.00 instead of the $.05 we’re accustom.  

I do love history.

🔹 1943 is one of those years-

 I imagine- was comforting, confusing… complicated…


Hopeful & Tense.  

We were exiting the Great Depression … just as WWII was stirring.
Like Impressionism, we see the strokes most vividly in the present… Yet, it also requires a lot of looking back to appreciate the full scope of any period of time.
As you can imagine, sending a firstborn off to college stirs a whole lot of looking back…
There were days in the toddler years – I am pretty sure I was the worst parent to ever graze this planet.
Then, there were teen conversations where I remember real listening & real sharing. Realizing this child of ours is 

now a man.
And so many dull, daring, daunting, & delirious days in between.
 How we… How I Love… Reflects my response to Him.

🔹Am I loving Him

heart, soul, mind, strength style?

🔹 Is He spilling the Fruit of His Spirit all around through me … or despite of me?

Looking back, I wouldn’t want to trade all the learning & loving for any façade of a perfect plan played out.

This vintage nickel reminds me how hard fought Liberty is …

Jesus paid the price.

I spent way too much time wishing I could offer perfection to our children. 

 Like 1943, we live freely…

with Hope & Tension.

Oh, to not get in the way … wanting full pictures when the His faithful, colorful strokes give us plenty to pause & praise.
Trusting past & future to His Grace.


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