History Making…

🔹History-making days turn into transitional years.🔹

(Today’s Heidi-the-historian thoughts … the day after USA Election 2016.)

If you have ever given birth or witnessed birth, you know “transition” requires everything you’ve got & then some.

While we process where we find ourselves today, we certainly should consider this historic anniversary …

Do we even realize 27 years later our German friends and allies continue to pay the price of communism?
The wall came down, yes… 

And such a important & timely step.  

However, divisions & differences remain a transitional element of reunification… even 27 years later.  

It has been challenging economically, culturally, etc.
🔹USA friends & family, 

These are history-making days for us. Are we, personally, ready & willing to do the heavy lifting that comes?  





If I’m only considering Washington DC or Wall Street, I’m missing something – huge.
I’ve been privileged to live among the most amazing Americans… 

from farmers & ranchers in Wyoming to entrepreneurs, educators & oilmen & immigrants in Oklahoma & Arkansas & Illinois & Florida.

What I love about real USA people?🔹We assume & pursue potential.🔹

We don’t quit. We might grow tired & weary, but that doesn’t mean I forget you or you ought to try & silence me.

In the past few years, some of our own in-house walls have come to light.  

Do we dull what we see with hiding, cynicism, or even forgetfulness?  

Or are we ready to identify the bricks that need to be removed?  
Polarizing ends huddling 

with backs to one another- 

is that uniting?

Thank you to those who bravely share their thoughts & opinions with openness & humility. We don’t have to rely on a president to est. our dreams & methods for our future when we engage one another with dignity.
In this transition, let us assume & pursue our personal & collective potential in our homes, on our streets, in our communities –

with vision, engagement, intentionality, dignity, encouragement & endurance.
If I’m still here in 27 years, I certainly hope we can collectively look back, remember the wall came down… not bc of a presidential regime, but bc we remembered who we are.


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